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Some People Need Killing eBook by Patricia Evangelista

Some People Need Killing eBook by Patricia Evangelista

eBook Genre: Biography
  • Author: Patricia Evangelista
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: October 17, 2023
  • Download Formats: PDF and ePUB
  • Pages: 448 pages

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Unveiling State-Sanctioned Violence: Some People Need Killing PDF Free Download

Philippine journalist Patricia Evangelista exposes a dark chapter in her investigative book, Some People Need Killing PDF download free delving into the extrajudicial murder campaign during the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte.

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The Disturbing Semantics of Salvage

The term Some People Need Killing PDF download free initially rooted in Latin’s “to save,” takes a grim twist in Philippine English. Derived from the Spanish “salvaje,” meaning “wild,” it morphs into a contronym, now signifying “to apprehend and execute (a suspected criminal) without trial.” Evangelista critiques this linguistic corruption, highlighting its chilling relevance.

Duterte’s Reign of Salvagings

Between 2016 and 2022, Duterte’s presidency witnessed a surge in extrajudicial killings, referred to as Some People Need Killing PDF download free or EJKs. Evangelista, a former Rappler reporter, unveils the shocking frequency, with journalists organizing death folders by the hour rather than the date.

The Justification for Killing: Some People Need Killing PDF Download Free

Evangelista’s title stems from a vigilante named Simon, a Duterte supporter who claims, Some People Need Killing PDF free download ebook to make his slum safer. The language used, as Evangelista points out, eliminates accountability and turns executions into a perceived duty.

The Roots of Duterte’s Brutality

Born in 1985, Evangelista places Duterte in a historical context. She reveals Duterte’s mayoral stint in Davao City, where death squads emerged in the late 1980s. Duterte’s rhetoric, oscillating between denial and admission, set the stage for his brutal presidency.

The Path to Carnage: Duterte’s Promises Fulfilled

The book unfolds in three parts: “Memory,” “Carnage,” and “Requiem.” In “Carnage,” Evangelista details how Duterte translated his threats into reality. Officially, 8,000 casualties are acknowledged, but she contends the actual toll surpasses 30,000. The brutality of the killings is laid bare through heart-wrenching anecdotes.

A Chilling Reality: The Speed of Death

Evangelista reflects on the abruptness of death, contrasting it with the time it takes to type a sentence. She recounts gruesome killings, like the shooting of an epileptic young man and the murder of a mother and son over a trivial dispute. The stark realization hits her: “It takes longer to type a sentence than it does to kill a man.”

Duterte’s Deceptive Oath: From Promises to Bloodshed

On June 30, 2016, Duterte pledged to uphold due process and the rule of law. However, Evangelista exposes the stark contrast when, hours later, he incited violence in a slum. Urging citizens to kill drug addiction, he set the tone for a ruthless campaign. The book vividly portrays the immediate consequences of Duterte’s words.

Journalism as Faith and Courage

Evangelista emphasizes journalism as an act of faith and courage, especially in the Philippines, where a free press is under constant threat. She underscores the power of language, both Duterte’s degrading rhetoric and her evocative writing, in conveying truth amid a climate of lies.

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Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in My Country

Frequently Asked Questions for Some People Need Killing PDF

1. What does the title Some People Need Killing PDF ebook convey, and how does it encapsulate the essence of Evangelista’s book on state-sanctioned violence?

The title hints at a grim perspective on extrajudicial killings, summarizing the exploration of state-sanctioned violence during Duterte’s presidency.

2. How does Evangelista dissect the linguistic shift of the term “salvage” and its impact on understanding extrajudicial killings in the Philippines?

Evangelista explores the dual meaning of “salvage,” revealing its transformation from “to save” to signifying the apprehension and execution of suspected criminals without trial.

3. How does Evangelista link Duterte’s mayoral history in Davao City to his later presidency marked by extrajudicial killings?

The article outlines Duterte’s endorsement of death squads in Davao City, highlighting it as a precursor to his presidency characterized by widespread extrajudicial killings.

4. Can you provide insights into the “Carnage” section, where Evangelista exposes Duterte’s promises and the alarming frequency of extrajudicial killings during his tenure?

“Carnage” details Duterte’s promises fulfilled, revealing an alarming frequency of extrajudicial killings during his presidency, surpassing official estimates.

5. How does Evangelista stress the role of language, contrasting Duterte’s rhetoric with her writing, and what is the significance of journalism in a threatened free press in the Philippines?

Evangelista highlights language’s power by contrasting Duterte’s degrading rhetoric with her evocative writing. Journalism, as she sees it, becomes an act of faith and courage amid threats to a free press in the Philippines.

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eBook Overview

eBook Details

Author Patricia Evangelista
Bestseller Yes
Best Sellers Rank 2 in Biographies of Journalists Place, 3 in Criminology books
Publisher Random House
Publication date 17 October, 2023
Genre Biography, Biography Memoir, Crime, Memoir, Politics, Non-fiction, and True Crime
Language English
Print length 448 pages
PDF Size 3.14 MB
ePUB Size 2.46 MB
Amazon Ratings 4.7/5
Goodreads Rating 4.3/5
Requirements PDF or ePUB Reader
Kindle App Support Yes, PDF
Dimensions NA
ISBN-10 0593133137

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