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What is the plot of the book our share of night?

Once upon a time, there was a dad and his little boy who were very sad because the mom, who they both loved so much, had passed away. They decided to go on a special trip together. They traveled to a place that was important to their mom’s family, her ancestral home. But little did they know, something really scary was waiting for them there. It was a family called the Order, and they did really terrible things in their quest to live forever.

Who are the characters in our share of the night?

In this story, there are three special families. They are the Bradfords, the Reyeses, and the Mathers. They are all connected because they are “families of blood.” One person who is really important in the story is Rosario Reyes Bradford. She is part of the Order, and she is like a princess in the family. She has a partner named Juan, and they have a little boy named Gaspar. They are all a big part of the story and have exciting adventures together.

Our Share of Night PDF Free Download eBook – by Mariana Enriquez

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Our Share of Night PDF Free eBook Overview

As I read Mariana Enriquez’s amazing book called “Our Share of Night,” I couldn’t help but think of the TV show “True Blood.” It’s her first novel in English, and she’s known for her great short stories. In this book, she combines different types of stories, like mixing genres together. It’s like a special blend of mystery and fantasy. The story takes place in Argentina and explores the country’s violent past. There are spooky things like ghosts and demons, a creepy haunted house, and a powerful family that would do anything to stay in control. But don’t get me wrong, “Our Share of Night” is not just an ordinary book. It’s a masterpiece of writing, beautifully crafted and filled with exciting details.

Storyline Our Share of Night PDF

Back in the 1970s, there was this artist named Salvador Dalí who was asked to make a special set of cards called a tarot deck for a James Bond movie called “Live and Let Die.” Even though the movie deal didn’t happen, Dalí didn’t give up. He kept on working on the cards and made himself the Magician in the deck, and his wife Gala became the Empress. Dalí got his inspiration from other artists like Delacroix, Duchamp, and a style called Surrealism, which is all about dreams and strange things. He mixed together things that don’t normally go together, like making things that are unreal seem real, and putting things that are secret and special in everyday life. The pictures Dalí made are both weird and beautiful, and they make you feel like you’re in a different world when you look at them.

Imagine reading an incredibly awesome book called Our Share of Night PDF by Mariana Enriquez. It’s a really big book with 600 pages, but don’t worry, the story is super exciting! It’s all about these special families who started a group called the Cult of the Shadow, or the Order. They’re like a secret club of rich people who believe in magic and want to live forever. They go on an adventure to try and find a way to stay alive even after they die. It’s so intense that they end up doing things that you wouldn’t even imagine!

The Plot Our Share of Night PDF

In this story, there are three families who are really important. They are the Bradfords, the Reyeses, and the Mathers. One special person in the story is Rosario Reyes Bradford, who comes from one of these families. She has a partner named Juan, and they have a little boy named Gaspar. Juan and Gaspar have something really amazing called divine gifts. The Order, a secret group, wants these gifts because Juan and Gaspar can do something incredible. They can call upon something called “the Darkness.” The Darkness is like a hungry mouth that feeds on people’s lives. It can also change its shape and hide like a shadow. It can do scary things like take away people’s limbs and even swallow them up whole. The Darkness is a really strange thing because it can bring both life and death. It’s something that is mysterious and shiny at the same time.

The Darkness

Talking to the Darkness is really hard. It’s a big responsibility. Juan, Gaspar’s dad, worries about Gaspar’s special gifts. He knows that being a medium, someone who can talk to ancient gods is not easy. It can make people really sick, both in their bodies and in their minds. Some mediums even died after their first contact with the gods, or shortly afterward. Others went recklessly really fast and couldn’t be helped by magic, rituals, or science. It’s a tough thing to handle.

Even though Juan has a heart condition, he managed to survive when he faced the Darkness. Now, he is determined to keep his son safe from the Order. The story focuses on their relationship and how Juan wants to protect Gaspar while Gaspar wants to understand his own special powers. Their bond is like a bright, shining star in the book, and it creates many other interesting stories that connect to it, like little constellations in a big universe.

The book talks about lots of things, like stories of long ago, myths, people moving from one place to another, terrible events where many people were hurt, demons, and even really sad things like the torture of innocent children. It also talks about special symbols and signs, the lives of mediums who have passed away, and how some people were sacrificed for a special group. The story takes us to different places and times, from Argentina in the 1980s to London in the 1960s, and back to Argentina in the 1990s. It shows us how scary things happened in Argentina, like people disappearing, and how hard it is for others to keep going when there’s such a big emptiness.


Juan is a really special person in this big story. He’s a wonderful character who is loved by both people because he has a certain magical charm. But Juan also has a difficult life. He is haunted by the spirits of people who were killed. He hears their voices, even though they can’t see or move anymore. Some of them were hurt so badly that their faces or bodies were swollen. Others were tied up or put in rough sacks and had to crawl around. There are so many of them, and Juan can’t make them go away. His special ability to communicate with the dead is a heavy burden for him. But because of this gift, he has become important to the Order. They think he is really necessary and can’t do without him.


Rosario is a special woman, and she comes from a family that’s really important. She is part of the Order, just like her ancestors before her. But Rosario is not only part of the Order, she’s also an anthropologist. That means she studies and learns about a group called the Guaraní, who have been treated unfairly. Her studies and knowledge about the group are all mixed in with the story of the novel. It’s like a big puzzle where the bad things that happened in Argentine history are connected to the actions of the Order. Rosario feels trapped in all of this, and she can’t find a way out. There’s a part in the story where she has to make a really tough choice: should she do what the Order wants or should she save her son? It’s a really hard decision for her.

Juan, her partner, asks her if he has to save their son alone and if she can change her mind. What the author, Enriquez, is trying to say is: can a person change their path in history? Is it possible to make things different? Can the people of the future create a world without all the terrible things that happened in the past?

The Order Our

The Order is really mean, especially when it comes to finding someone new who can talk to the spirits. They don’t care if it hurts their own people. There’s a really sad part in the story where a boy named Eddie, who is part of the Order, goes wild because of them. Juan tricks Eddie and takes him to a special place called the Other Place. It’s a place filled with Darkness that the Order doesn’t even know about.

There, Juan hangs Eddie from a tree and bends his leg, making him look like the Hanged Man from the tarot cards. The traditional version of the card shows the hands-free, but in the Other Place, they thought it was better to do it the traditional way. It reminds me of a painting by Dalí, where the Hanged Man swings like a pendulum in a dark forest at midnight. The Hanged Man looks all fancy in his old-fashioned clothes as the night gets darker. Just like in Dalí’s painting, Eddie’s death feels like a powerful vision, something that stays in your mind.


Juan, Gaspar, and Rosario are really interesting characters, and the story gets really exciting when we read about them. Sometimes, though, when the author focuses on other things, the story slows down a bit. There are parts that might feel like they don’t really connect to the main story, like when we read about Rosario shopping or when Gaspar plays with his friends. But even these moments are important because they add little details to the bigger story. “Our Share of Night” is a book that talks about the dark parts of being human. It’s like the cards that Dalí made, where he showed things that are hard to put into words. Reading this book is like going on a magical journey that you might only experience once in your life. It’s really captivating and it will leave a big impression on you.

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If you want to read Our Share of Night, you can find the PDF version available for download. It’s an opportunity to dive into Mariana Enriquez’s amazing story on horror fiction. So grab a cozy spot, open the PDF, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure through the pages of Our Share of Night!

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