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Download Hidden Fate PDF by Jen L. Grey eBook for free. Hidden Fate by Jen L. Grey is a fantastic book now available at ebooksfree.net for download in PDF and ePub format.

Hidden Fate PDF Free Download eBook – by Jen L. Grey

eBook PDF Hidden Fate by Jen L. Grey | EBOOK ONLINE DOWNLOAD. If you’re looking to get a free eBook, you’ve come to the right spot to download it. Hidden Fate by Jen L. Grey’s book is now available for free download in PDF and ePub format. “Jen L. Grey” is the author of this popular book. Here is the overview of this book;

Hidden Fate by Jen L. Grey ePub Overview

Long ago, King Arman passed away. Before taking his last breath, he entrusted Thorn with a crucial task – to stop Drake and take the throne in his place.

Thorn had spent too long hiding because people feared the magic he possessed. This magic, once used for evil by his grandfather, had caused harm and fear among the people. All Thorn truly wanted was to use his powers for good, to heal the sick and injured. Yet, he often hesitated, worried that others would fear him because of his magical abilities. However, everything changed when he met Everly.

She was his fated mate, and through their special bond, she brought him comfort and helped him see the world differently. She showed him that his magic was a gift, not a curse and that he could be a healer instead of a destroyer. With Everly’s support, Thorn realized the good he could do for his people, distinguishing himself from his malevolent grandfather. Now, they needed to find allies, gain trust, and unite against Drake to save the dragon world.

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With King Arman gone, Drake seized the opportunity to assert himself as the new dragon king. Fueled by power, hatred for his brother Thorn, and an unhealthy desire for Everly, Thorn’s wife, he sought absolute control over his subjects. Drake’s ascent to power was ruthless, leaving behind a trail of death and fear among those he sought to rule. His plan was to find Thorn and Everly, eliminate Thorn, and claim Everly as his own. Those who resisted him would face a similar fate, along with the vulnerable members of the dragon community. However, Drake didn’t anticipate that Everly’s love had transformed Thorn, making him stronger and more resolute.

Together, Thorn, Everly, and their allies, including Elliott, Eva, Saphira, Vlad, Cassidy, and others, had to rally support to stop Drake and his followers. The impending battle would be bloody, pitting brother against brother and forcing warriors to fight against their will. Thorn’s reputation as a potential inheritor of his grandfather’s evil legacy posed a challenge, but he aimed to demonstrate his healing abilities and his vision of a free and peaceful world. They must show that Thorn is a caring man who uses his magic for good, not destruction, and who fights for the well-being of all.

This tale is filled with love stories, fated mates finding each other, passionate moments, and sibling bonds. Before peace and freedom can prevail, they must endure war and loss. The outcome will determine the fate of the dragon world, and readers will be gripped by the suspense, action, and even humor in this final installment. The odds are against them, but the characters show unwavering strength and conviction in their quest for a better world.

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They gather their forces, determined to defeat Drake and achieve victory over the genocide of the weak and sick. The trilogy began with “Ruthless Mate” and continued with “Mated Dragon,” and now concludes with Jen L. Grey’s fascinating and emotional take on dragon magic. Throughout the story, there’s a poignant theme of parents fearing the unknown and blaming their children. Thankfully, Thorn found love and acceptance in his adopted parents and in Everly, who played a pivotal role in his growth.

Jen L. Grey’s storytelling is superb, crafting a world of dragons that comes to life through its diverse characters and their distinct personalities. The blend of adventure, suspense, and roman7ce is enjoyable, but at times, the romantic aspect overshadowed the main plot. Although this didn’t diminish the story, some readers may have preferred more focus on Drake’s motives, the background of dragon magic, or the malevolent grandfather. Nevertheless, Jen L. Grey’s imaginative tale leaves readers wanting more, showcasing her talent as a grand storyteller.

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