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Cognac Vixen By Nicole Fox PDF Download

Download Cognac Vixen PDF by Nicole Fox eBook for free. Cognac Vixen by Nicole Fox is a fantastic book now available at for download in PDF and ePub format.

Cognac Vixen PDF Free Download eBook – by Nicole Fox

eBook PDF Cognac Vixen by Nicole Fox | EBOOK ONLINE DOWNLOAD. If you’re looking to get a free eBook, you’ve come to the right spot to download it. Cognac Vixen by Nicole Fox’s book is now available for free download in PDF and ePub format. “Nicole Fox” is the author of this popular book. Here is the overview of this book;

Cognac Vixen by Nicole Fox ePub Overview

Once upon a time, there was one evil stepfather. Two ex-fiancés were fighting over me! But I believed in three magical words: “Happily ever after.”

I had to escape from my old life because scary monsters from my past thought they could control me. Then, Ivan Pushkin came along and showed me a glimpse of a happy ending.

But now, those same scary monsters are back, wanting to harm me. Francia wants me gone, my stepfather wants me married, and the Sokolovs want me to be with them forever.

The only one protecting me is Ivan, but even between us, there are things like lies, secrets, heartbreak, and hope.

It all started with a sip of cognac. Is the man who gave it to me my hero or my villain?

COGNAC VIXEN is Book Two in the Pushkin Bratva duet. If you want to know how Ivan and Cora’s story began, you should read Book One, COGNAC VILLAIN!

My Review

Book 2 didn’t excite me much and left me feeling a bit let down. It was like a not-so-great game of chess in a Bratva story. But the cool supporting characters kept me interested and made me want to keep reading.

The story that started strong in book one didn’t live up to expectations in book 2. There were too many times where the story felt forced and not natural. When Cora gets kidnapped, it was kinda predictable, and she ends up with her dad, who doesn’t have much security. Ivan plans her escape.

Francia’s character surprised me, even though I didn’t like her. She pulled off a big trick, fooling her friends too. She goes to Ivan and threatens to hurt Cora, even though Cora’s supposed to marry Mikhail, who’s living with her dad, not Francia. But Francia wants Ivan to marry her, so she uses Cora to convince him.

The story gets a bit confusing and dramatic when Cora is supposed to marry Mikhail, and Ivan is marrying Francia. It gets so complicated that I had to push myself to finish the book. The whole thing takes too long to play out, with Ivan planning to rescue Cora. There’s a lot of wedding stuff and tense moments among the four characters that make the story feel slow and heavy with unnecessary details.

I’ve read other stories like this where crime families handle hostage situations differently, but this one was more about talking and negotiating instead of action.

The main characters, Cora and Ivan, still don’t communicate well in book 2. They rely on physical stuff instead of talking. Cora’s dad, Mikhail, Francia, and Konstantine keep showing up like “whack a moles” because Ivan doesn’t do much until the end of the book. Finally, at the end, Cora’s dad, Mikhail, and Francia get what they deserve. I wish Konstantine had the same fate, but it didn’t happen.

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Download Cognac Vixen ePub free ebook

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Cognac Vixen PDF Free Download

If you want to read Cognac Vixen you can find the ePub version available for download. It’s an opportunity to dive into Sofia T Summer’s amazing book. So grab a cozy spot, open the PDF, and get ready for the best story through the pages of Nicole Fox.

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